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Covid 19, Planning

17 June 2021

Covid-19 regulations limiting us to socially distanced venue capacity for the wedding and reception is obviously restricting and could be quite different from the grandeur of the typical celebrations we might have envisioned for our weddings.

However, I think that this can actually allow us to work even more on décor and work with suppliers to achieve beautiful wedding decoration that you’ll remember forever and will look amazing in photos! An intimate wedding with only close family and friends can still be beautiful and memorable.

While weddings are scaled back, I think the mandap becomes even more of a focal point of a Hindu wedding and is what people will remember the most both from experiencing it in person and seeing photographs that you might like to share as part of real wedding submissions. The beauty of the mandap is that it is completely tailored to your specific taste. It’s individual to your wedding regardless of Covid-19.

Your mandap can range from a full Fresh Floral mandap with Hanging Wisteria to a Wooden Carved Intricate design which is designed to your taste with florals. Two very contrasting mandaps that Wed In Style have worked on.

What we can expect to see from mandaps at the moment is lots of floral statements which is expected as it is a timeless décor that can be done in very different ways from statement cascading florals to simpler, more delicate pieces

Of course, traditional mandaps tend to feature organic materials such as wood whereas modern mandaps feature ornate floral arrangements much more. In considering whether to go for a traditional or modern mandap the choice is truly all yours. What is important is you and your partner’s taste! There isn’t one type of mandap décor that is ‘in’ right now as people tend to do a mix of both!

Something that Wed in Style and many mandap décor specialists say is key to planning the mandap is the consideration of the logistics of the venue! So be one step ahead by considering more thoroughly where exactly in your venue the mandap shall be placed before actually undertaking the planning of the structure. I think it is especially important to consider the effects of Covid-19.

In this same vein, venue consideration is important in planning the mandap. If you’re considering an indoor ceremony, you’ll need to give special thought to the height of the ceiling. It would be a disaster to plan a beautiful mandap, only to find that it doesn’t fit in the venue!

Supplier Swap

A spectacular bit of insight that we discovered recently, was the concept of supplier swapping. Due to Covid-19 leaving us with cancellation after cancellation, this comes as a knight in shining armour.

While some of you might be seeking to get out of certain contracts with suppliers, there exists another set of people who are looking for the opposite with those same suppliers! We’ve found recently that there are some suppliers that may be open to this at the moment.

We have had venue suppliers all the way to catering and décor suppliers agree to doing swaps in recent times, so if you are in this sort of situation where you want to get out of a contract, there is no need to have cancellation be the only option you are considering. Likewise if you are just starting out with planning, it is definitely worth going through this avenue.

Our Facebook page has a dedicated thread where you can comment whether you have a contract you want to get out of or you are looking to find.

As we head to brighter times in the wedding scene, we mustn’t despair!



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