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Beautifull Mandap by Jay & I Events

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17 June 2021

Covid-19 regulations limiting us to socially distanced venue capacity for the wedding and reception is obviously restricting and could be quite different from the grandeur of the typical celebrations we might have envisioned for our weddings.

The Founders of the AWC

The Founders Roundup


17 June 2021

We’re just bursting with excitement about this venture! Welcome to the AWC Blog!

Each month Ajay and I will do a little write up summarising the month, talking about something that’s touched us about weddings or even just giving you a little more insight into us and the AWC.

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Whether you're newly engaged or managing a postponed wedding, you're likely facing uncertainty, supplier decision making, getting value for money, budgeting, guest management and so much more! Although Asian weddings typically follow a format, they come with their complications. And that's where this support really comes into its own!

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