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17 June 2021

We’re just bursting with excitement about this venture! Welcome to the AWC Blog! 

Each month Ajay and I will do a little write up summarising the month, talking about something that’s touched us about weddings or even just giving you a little more insight into us and the AWC.  

This month we’ll tell you:

  • Why we’re doing this
  • What you can expect from this Blog; and
  • Our thoughts on 2021

1. This is Us

Ajay and I started in the Asian wedding sector as Planners back in 2012. Back then wedding planning wasn’t really something that couples and families were really outsourcing. In fact, it was a concept that still felt relatively new to the sector. 

Over the years we’ve learned SO much about weddings and planning Asian weddings. We’ve also learned that, while wedding planners aren’t everyone’s dream,  the experience we have is definitely sought after!

This is really what has inspired us to create the Asian Wedding Club – to make planning a little more accessible. In many ways, it’s a bit of a give back and one we’ve really seen the value of recently.

We must stress though, this isn’t a replacement for a Planner or a Coordinator – consider them the step up from this Club. There will always be a place for them and we will continue planning weddings ourselves!

2. What you can expect…

The vision is for the AWC Blog to become the go to place for rounded wedding planning inspiration, insights and information. 

From our carefully edited articles you can expect to find: Advice. Interviews.Fashion Inspiration. And of course wonderful real wedding submissions that you send in! 

Because planning is at the heart of what we do, this blog will be more than just beautiful images!Inspiration for what we cover will be drawn from topics affecting our AWC Couples (in our free FB Group), (paying) Members AND what we’re up to as Planners.

We hope you like it!

So, Let’s Talk 2021

Although only time will tell what happens,  we are starting to see a  growing excitement from Couples. Something we’ve been missing for many many months. 

Enquiries have shot up across all sorts of wedding services. And although the “what happens if?” question is being asked, it’s something that we’re all pretty familiar with now. We’ve adapted!

And so we wait! 21st June is probably going to be the most anticipated  date in the calendar this year! 

Here are our predictions:

  • Asian weddings may be a little smaller than before – particularly where overseas guests would have travelled
  • Barn style venues will become more popular for an Asian wedding
  • Budgets could remain close to what we once knew
  • Overall the quality and lushness of weddings will be on the rise – with even more focus on guest experience 

We’re cautiously hopeful but hopeful all the same!

Here’s to it – a 2021 with weddings, nuptials, celebrations, family and friends. 

We’ve missed you all!

LaToya & Ajay

The AWC Founders


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