Real Wedding


Once we receive your final input, we’ll send you confirmation and keep you updated on when you’ll be featured. This process may take up to 4 weeks.


Once accepted you’ll receive a link to be able to submit up to 30 additional images and to provide a little more detail about the wedding and suppliers.


We’ll review your submission and confirm by email whether it’s been successfully accepted. This process may take up to 7 days.


It’s a 4 step process to submit a Real Wedding to The Asian Wedding Club. An initial submission (using the link below) with 20 images and an overview of the wedding vibe.


The Process

The wedding couple and their suppliers are of course very welcome to tell the story of the wedding and use the images on their social media and websites.

To allow The Asian Wedding Club to have exclusivity for 5 weeks after publication by the AWC. This exclusivity is for the images themselves in both print and online.

That the same images you’re submitting to the AWC have not already been submitted to another wedding publication online or in print; and

Not to submit the same images to be featured with another wedding publication either online or in print while they’re being considered for an AWC feature;

By submitting your wedding (or submitting on behalf of a couple), you’re agreeing


Please note that we will not publish any weddings that are overtly breaking any Government issued wedding guidelines that were in place at the time of the wedding.

Ideally all weddings submitted should have taken place within the last 12 months.

Appreciating that so many of your weddings may be multi-day and multi-event, we’d love to feature as much of your whole celebration as possible.

We’re looking for weddings that really showcase who the couple are. They do not need to be any particular aesthetic or budget. And both small and large weddings are very welcome!

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