The following terms and conditions are applicable to the Asian Wedding Club (AWC) Membership.

  1. Definitions

“AWC”: means the Asian Wedding Club, a trading name of Mulani Limited, which is registered in England and Wales at 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, W1W 7LT. Company number 08251490.

“AWC Services”: means the additional services offered by the AWC to both Members and non-members. These services are excluded from the AWC Membership and will be an additional cost to the Member. 

“AWC Approved Supplier”: means a preferred wedding supplier that has been hand picked by the AWC.

“AWC Membership”: means the provision of the elements listed in paragraph 3 to the Member by the AWC.

“AWC Supplier Deals”: means the value added services and/or discounts that the AWC Approved Suppliers have agreed to offer Members. These deals may change from time to time at the discretion of the AWC Approved Supplier. 

“Member”: means the person who is named as the recipient of the AWC Membership and for whom the AWC has agreed to provide services to, in accordance with these terms.

“Membership Fee”: means the payment made by or on behalf of the Member to the AWC to cover membership costs for the duration of their AWC Membership.

“Membership Portal:” means the Member only part of the AWC website,

“Planning Software”: means Aisle Planner, which is the third party planning software of choice for the AWC. It has been tailored by the AWC for the purposes of this Membership.

“Terms and Conditions”: means the terms and conditions of the AWC Membership set out below.

“Until My Wedding”: means the Member will pay a one off Membership Fee to have an active membership until their final wedding event has concluded.

Website”: means the AWC website, 

  1. Agreement to these Terms
    1. When purchasing the AWC Membership, the Member confirms that they have read and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. 
    2. The AWC reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and will notify the Member of any changes. 
    3. The Member will continue to be bound by the most current Terms and Conditions, which will be available to the Member in the AWC Members Portal. 
    4. The Membership Portal is under construction and until it is made available to the Member, the AWC will provide the Member with their own copy of the Terms and Conditions and they should be retained for future reference.
  1. The AWC Membership
    1. The AWC shall at its sole discretion provide the following to the Member for the duration of their Membership:
      1. Access to the Membership Portal, once it is available in early 2021.
      2. Access to use the AWC Planning Software which has been tailored by the AWC.
      3. Wedding planning guides, which will be accessible via the AWC Planning Software.
      4. A monthly group Q&A session, hosted virtually.
      5. Access to the AWC Supplier Deals, once they are available in early 2021. 
      6. Discounted pricing for all AWC Services.
    2. The Member agrees that they will not share their access or login to the Membership Portal with any wedding suppliers/service providers or wedding couples.
    3. Any information, support and advice provided by the AWC as part of the AWC Membership is on the basis of their professional experience. 
    4. The AWC may expand the Membership at any time. Where this happens, the Member will automatically receive the additional Membership elements at no additional cost to the Member.
  1. The Planning Software & Additional Support
    1. The AWC has selected to use Aisle Planner, a third party software to provide this element of the AWC Membership. 
    2. The Member will be provided with access to instructional video and documentation to assist them in getting started and using the Planning Software. 
    3. Should the Member require additional support in using the Planning Software, they should contact the AWC by email, via and include “Planning Software support” in the subject line.
  1. AWC Suppliers, AWC Supplier Deals and Making Enquiries
    1. AWC Supplier Deals will be available to the Member in early 2021. It is anticipated that they will be available by the end of January 2021.
    2. To access AWC Supplier Deals the Member must make their enquiry with the AWC Approved Supplier using the contact form within the Membership Portal.
    3. By contacting an AWC Supplier through the Membership Portal the Member agrees to the AWC accessing and using the Member’s contact details for the purpose of facilitating contact with the AWC Approved Supplier. In addition, this information will be used should the Member cancel their Membership; refer to paragraph 10 for more details.
    4. The Member will treat all AWC Supplier Deals as confidential and not share or publicise these details. 
    5. The Member will not book any AWC Supplier Deals for others or for events not related to their own wedding.
    6. AWC Supplier Deals are subject to change at the discretion of the AWC Approved Supplier and without notice. Where a service has been booked by the Member with an AWC Supplier Deal, that deal is expected to be honoured and the Member should notify the AWC immediately if it is not.
    7. The Member is not bound to use the AWC Approved Suppliers and may use any supplier of their choosing.
    8. The Member accepts that the decision to book any AWC Approved Supplier is at their sole discretion. 
    9. The Member will be solely responsible for their decision to contract with their chosen suppliers/service providers, whether or not they are AWC Approved Suppliers.
  1. Membership Fees and Upgrading By Members
    1. The Member agrees to pay the Membership Fee applicable at the time of purchase. This fee will be confirmed to the Member at the point of purchase.
    2. Membership Fees are payable monthly or one off for the Until My Wedding membership. 
      1. Where a monthly Membership has been purchased, the Member will be charged on a monthly basis. Payment will be processed via PayPal.
        1. In the event of late payment by the Member, the AWC has the right to suspend or cancel the Membership with immediate effect until payment is received. In the event that fees are unpaid for 3 calendar days following the recurring payment date, AWC reserves the right to apply late charges of 5% of the outstanding payment per week until the outstanding invoice is paid in full.
      2. Where an Until My Wedding Membership has been purchased, the Member will make a single payment up front. Payment will be processed via PayPal.
    3. The Membership Fees are not subject to VAT.
    4. Members may upgrade their AWC Membership from monthly to Until My Wedding by paying the then current Membership Fee for the Until My Wedding membership. At such time the Member’s monthly payments will cease.
    5. In the event of cancellation of the Membership refer to paragraph 10.
  1. AWC Services
    1. AWC Services are as advertised on the AWC Website and are additional to the AWC Membership.
    2. The Member may at any time purchase any AWC Service. Payment for the AWC Service will be due at the time of purchase and the relevant discount will be applied.
    3. The Member will be able to access any discount codes through the AWC Members Portal. Such discount codes are not transferable and the Member agrees not to share them with anyone.
  1. After Your Wedding
    1. Members paying monthly Membership Fees will need to notify AWC in writing to stop their monthly payments after their wedding.
    2. For all Members, the following will apply after their weddings:
      1. Members will have 1 month after their weddings to download any information they would like to retain and delete any information they would like to from the Planning Software. After this time AWC will archive their project in the Planning Software.
      2. Members will no longer be eligible to attend the monthly meetings
      3. Access to the Membership Portal will be removed.
      4. The discounted rates for AWC Services will no longer be available.
  1. Change in Wedding Date – In the event a Member is forced to or wishes to change the date of their final wedding event:
    1. On a monthly AWC Membership, the Member will continue to pay monthly for their membership. They will also have the option to upgrade to an Until My Wedding membership, in which refer to paragraph 6 sub point 4. 
    2. On an Until My Wedding membership, the Member will need to email and include “Change of Wedding Date” in the subject to let us know the new date of their final wedding event. The Member will not need to pay anything additional to continue their Membership.
  1. Cancellation of Membership
    1. The Member may cancel their AWC Membership by giving written notice to AWC. If cancellation notice is given after the first 14 days of purchase, the Member will not be refunded the Membership Fees already paid.
    2. Either party may at any time cancel the AWC Membership by immediate written notice if the other commits any material breach of these Terms and Conditions 
    3. AWC may cancel the AWC Membership if it goes into liquidation, becomes bankrupt, makes a voluntary arrangement with its creditors or has a receiver or administrator appointed.
    4. Cancellation by the Member must be in writing to AWC. Where the Member is paying a monthly Membership Fee, notice of cancellation must be submitted at least 7 calendar days prior to the next payment otherwise a full month’s payment will be payable.
    5. On cancellation of the AWC Membership, the provisions in paragraph 8 sub point 2 shall apply. In addition AWC Suppliers will be notified by AWC of the cancellation and any AWC Supplier Deals may no longer be applied.
  1. Warranties and Liability
    1. AWC warrants to the Member that the AWC Membership will be provided using reasonable care and skill as far as reasonably possible. Where AWC uses the service of any agent or third party (such as speakers at events) AWC does not give any warranty, guarantee or indemnity in that respect.
    2. The Member fully agrees that by purchasing the AWC Membership any and all liability of AWC to the Member that may arise under these Terms and Conditions will be limited to the amount of the Membership Fees actually paid by the Member to AWC.
    3. AWC’s liability excludes any supplier/service provider’s performance, omissions or products whether they are AWC Approved Suppliers or not.
  1. Confidentiality – The Member agrees that they (and shall procure that their partner) shall not disclose to any person any confidential information (including but not limited to planning guides, templates, supplier details) concerning the business, products, services or suppliers of the AWC and any AWC Approved Supplier, except where necessary for the purposes of planning the Member’s wedding. 
  1. Data protection How we may use your personal information. We will only use your personal information as set out in our privacy policy:  
  1. Contacting the AWC – Members should contact the AWC in writing via  
  1. Entire Agreement – These Terms and Conditions contain the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written. These Terms and Conditions supersede any prior written or oral agreements between the parties.
  1. Force Majeure – AWC is not responsible for any events preventing the Member’s wedding from going ahead, such as fire, flood, earthquake, pandemic, government restrictions or any other natural or human acts outside of the control of AWC.
  1. Applicable Law – These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.